Day 7

Modica  • 
“Today I got up at 9 o'clock and then got ready for lunch with the other Erasmus. I went back to my correspondent for lunch. In the afternoon we went to the shopping center and we played to win tickets, the Italians bought a game of plastic keels. They offered us bowling and autographed them. To fin...

Day 6

Modica  •

Day 5

Taormine  • 
We took the bus quite early this morning to go and visit Taormina, the place is known for its Greek theater facing the Etna and the Mediterranean. There is nothing like it in the area. We stoped to take group pictures (see photo). During our bus ride we made a podcast for our Erasmus project. Erasmu...

Day 4

Raguse  • 
Today we saw refugees and a camp of refugees. They came from African countries (Burkina Faso, Angola, Senegal, Gambia and Ghana). We think they left because in their country there is war, incorrect political, social issues and poverty. The center host, feeds, help them to fill Italian paperwork and...

Day 3

Marzamemi  • 
This morning we have visited Pozzallo and ate an ice cream (picture). After eating we visited Marzamemi. In Marzamemi, we made a video interview on immigration, were listened to the testimony of people and then we listened to music, dancing and singing (when teachers are eating in the sun and pupils...

Day 2.2

Modica  • 
Today, we visited the church San Giorgio, the castle and the chocolate museum. It was very beautiful today and it rained and there was the sun also. Yanis

Day 2.1

Modica  • 
Charlotte arrived at approximately 01:00 a.m. The family had Charlotte visiting their house, she went to sleep and had very good sleep because the day was very long and tiring. For breakfast, she drank peach juice and ate brioche. Milo arrived at approximately 01:00 a.m too. He had a shower and aft...

Day 1

Rome  • 
Today, we have taken one plane for go to Rome then a second plane for go to Catania. When we are on the plane, it is a little stressful. At the time of takeoff, we are pushed to the bottom of the seat by speed. But the plane quickly gets right and stable. We then took a bus for go to Modica. Florenc...